About Codeblack

About Codeblack

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Codeblack Films (CF), is a vertically integrated film production and distribution company focused on providing independent studios, filmmakers, globally-recognized celebrities, intellectual property rights holders and brands cross platform monetization solutions. Entertainment industry veteran Jeff Clanagan founded Codeblack Films in 2012.


Codeblack is a leading producer and distributor of urban and pop culture entertainment.

Codeblack has produced and distributed over 300 movies and television specials. Codeblack works with young and emerging filmmakers by providing script writing and development, script editing and film and video editing services. Codeblack also helps independent producers by providing post production and legal services to help filmmakers complete there films.

Theatrical Films

$100 Million in Theatrical Revenue

Home Entertainment

$750 Million in Home Entertainment Revenue

Submission Policy

Project Submission Policy

We appreciate your interest in Codeblack Films. However, Codeblack Films has a firm policy against accepting unsolicited literary, dramatic, or other materials for consideration. Therefore, we are unable to accept any submissions that are unsolicited. You should also be aware that Codeblack Films is actively developing and producing a number of motion pictures and other projects, some of which may be similar to the materials you desire to submit.

As a matter of policy, Codeblack Films only accepts submissions of literary, dramatic, or other materials from franchised literary agencies and motion picture producers with whom Codeblack Films regularly conducts business. Accordingly, we must reject all submissions that are unsolicited and/or not received from the above entities. Furthermore, we request that you do not send any correspondence relating to your materials or any other screenplay(s) and/or literary materials to anyone who works for Codeblack Films.

We wish you the best of luck.


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