8 Black-Owned Online Plant Stores to Support

8 Black-Owned Online Plant Stores to Support

By Megan Hartig,

It’s no secret that we love plants. Plants are an integral part of making your home an inviting, livable space.

We’ve put together this list of Black-owned plant shops that ship right to your doorstep as we work towards elevating more diverse voices across The Spruce. Our mission is to help everyone make their best home.

If you have any recommendations for businesses to include on this list, please email us.

Here are eight black-owned plant stores to support.

01 Planting With P

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“Being able to provide positivity for people while stuck at home makes me very happy,” says Paris Hannon, the owner of this delightful plant business. Planting With P sells indoor plants, succulents, floral arrangements, and smudge sticks. Smudging is a method of cleansing a space to invite positive energy. Virtual plant consults are also available for $10 should you need some guidance on proper care or pest problems.

02 Tal & Bert

We adore Tal & Bert’s hand-poured planters designed from raw natural minerals and industrial concrete. Based out of Pittsburg, PA, the husband and wife owners joined forces to design thoughtful home goods.

Their work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is based on finding beauty in imperfections. And as an extra little touch when checking out, you have the option to upgrade your planter to include a tealight or live air plant.

03 Plant + Vessel

Based out of Austin, TX, Plant + Vessel sells stunning handmade ceramic planters and vases. You can also find fun tumblers, pots, and jewelry. These beauties are often in high demand, so be sure to check back for restocks regularly!

04 Natty Garden

There are endless planting options from Brooklyn-based nursery, Natty Garden. From ornamental shrubs to orchids and beyond, they’ve got you covered!

Online orders can be placed for indoor and outdoor plants as well as planters, fertilizers, and soil. Searching for a hard-to-find plant? Just let them know and they will try to special order it or find a suitable alternative.

05 Grounded

Part of Grounded’s mission is to connect plants and humans to help people feel more grounded. “With so many technological advances and shifts, our society is overstimulated and anxious,” says Mignon Hemsley, the Co-founder of Grounded. “Our goal is to bring people back to earth and take their focus off of digital life for at least a few moments of the day.” To that end, they offer select plants that actually purify the air and might help to reduce stress. According to Grounded, incorporating plants into your space is one of the easiest, most common feng shui adjustments you can make.

06 Isha Plants

Isha Plants sells individual plants as well as monthly, semi-monthly, and annual plant propagation subscriptions. Subscriptions include hard-to-find plants, video planting instructions, and access to an online plant-loving community for asking questions and sharing experiences.

07 Tennessee Tropicals

Tennessee Tropicals specializes in a variety of high-quality tropical plantsthat are sure to add some pizzazz to your home. We are especially in love with this ‘Prince of Orange’ Philodendron.

Of their June restock, they donated 10% of the proceeds to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. Flowers and philanthropy, the perfect pairing.

08 My Crazy Plant Life

My Crazy Plant Life carries a wide array of tropical plants, exotic plants, and rare aroids. After scrolling through pages of plants, we still can’t get enough of the endless options. The online reviews of this Tampa, FL based company note that the plants are thoughtfully packed and arrive very healthy.

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